Latin Wedding Customer Etiquette

Incorporating wedding party traditions from your heritage is a gorgeous way to honor your family’s heritage on your wedding day. But while Latin Americans could share identical traditions just like Los Padrinos and el cepo, it’s crucial to note that rituals range by country. And so if you’re arranging a Latin American wedding, here are 10 traditions to remember.

Typically, a couple decides their Mis Padrinos and Madrinas for the reason that special god parents to help these groups throughout their relationship. These people quite often take on the responsibility of purchasing the Bible or perhaps other wedding-related items, signing up for readings during mass, and helping host the bridal party. In some cases, these folks possibly walk the bride or groom over the aisle. They are also those sponsor todas las aval matrimoniales, or perhaps the gold coins presented to the bride-to-be during the ceremony. Typically, you will find 13 gold coins to represent Christ and his 12 apostles, but the number may differ.

Prior to a wedding, it’s common for lovers to attend premarital counseling using a priest. It is also normal with respect to the bride-to-be to avoid experiencing the bridegroom in the several hours leading up towards the ceremony, therefore someone is normally assigned to hold them apart until the promises happen to be exchanged.


During the feast day, it’s not abnormal intended for the woman or soon-to-be husband to kneel during prayer. So, the few will often be given a collection of white kneeling cushions, called Biscochos. Oftentimes, these types of pillows are embroidered with lace and you will be kept by the newlyweds being a special memento.