This very simple rule based chatbot will work by searching for specific keywords in inputs given by a user. The keywords will be used to understand what action the user wants to take (user’s intent). Once the intent is identified, the bot will then pick out a response appropriate to the intent. In this step of the python chatbot tutorial, we will create a few easy functions that will convert the user’s input query to arrays and predict the relevant tag for it. Our code will then allow the machine to pick one of the responses corresponding to that tag and submit it as output.


We will be using a free Redis Enterprise Cloud instance for this tutorial. You can Get started with Redis Cloud for free here and follow This tutorial to set up a Redis database and Redis Insight, a GUI to interact with Redis. FastAPI provides a Depends class to easily inject dependencies, so we don\’t have to tinker with decorators. Redis is an in-memory key-value store that enables super-fast fetching and storing of JSON-like data.

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AI and NLP prove to be the most advantageous domains for humans to make their works easier. As far as business is concerned, Chatbots contribute a fair amount of revenue to the system. In this tutorial, we have added step-by-step instructions to build your own AI chatbot with ChatGPT API. From setting up tools to installing libraries, and finally, creating the AI chatbot from scratch, we have included all the small details for general users here. We recommend you follow the instructions from top to bottom without skipping any part. With the rise in the use of machine learning in recent years, a new approach to building chatbots has emerged.


Feel free to try out convolutional networks or recurrent networks for your projects. Because I run my program on a Windows 10 machine, I had to download a server called Xming. If you run your program and it gives you some weird errors about the program failing, you can download Xming. The model will be trained with stochastic gradient descent, which is also a very complicated topic. Stochastic gradient descent is more efficient than normal gradient descent, that’s all you need to know. The Sequential model in keras is actually one of the simplest neural networks, a multi-layer perceptron.

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Ultimately we will need to persist this session data and set a timeout, but for now we just return it to the client. To send messages between the client and server in real-time, we need to open a socket connection. This is because an HTTP connection will not be sufficient to ensure real-time bi-directional communication between the client and the server.

  • The chatbot understands and responds to natural language client inquiries, and it can also deliver customized recommendations and guidance.
  • The clean_corpus() function returns the cleaned corpus, which you can use to train your chatbot.
  • ChatterBot uses the default SQLStorageAdapter and creates a SQLite file database unless you specify a different storage adapter.
  • We will use Redis JSON to store the chat data and also use Redis Streams for handling the real-time communication with the huggingface inference API.
  • We then create training data and labels, and build a neural network model using the Keras Sequential API.
  • The chatbot picked the greeting from the first user input (‘Hi’) and responded according to the matched intent.

You can always stop and review the resources linked here if you get stuck. A fork might also come with additional installation instructions. You see the model repeats a lot of responses, as these are the highest probability, and it is choosing it every time. Here we are defining the results of greetings input and responses to the greetings. Another crude method of stemming is to cut off the ends or beginnings of words.

Project Prerequisites

Enter the email address you signed up with and we\’ll email you a reset link. Learn how to use Huggingface transformers and PyTorch libraries to summarize long text, using pipeline API and T5 transformer model in Python. This time, we set do_sample to True for sampling, and we set top_k to 0 indicating that we\’re selecting all possible probabilities, we\’ll later discuss top_k parameter. There are three versions of DialoGPT; small, medium, and large. Of course, the larger, the better, but if you run this on your machine, I think small or medium fits your memory with no problems.

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Does ChatGPT give the same answers to everyone?.

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Along with them, we will use some helping modules which you can download using the python-pip command. It can be difficult to create a chatbot that is both engaging and interesting for users. As we will implement the Chatbot with List Trainer, so we will also import the chatterbot.trainers. The list trainer takes a list of statements that represent a conversation. It is also evident that people are more engrossed in messaging apps than simply passing through various social media.


I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of the details about how deep learning models work, but if you are curious, check out the resources at the bottom of the article. If you look carefully at the json file, you can see that there are sub-objects within objects. So we will use a nested for loop to extract all of the words within “patterns” and add them to our words list.

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Remain Launches AI Chatbot to Assist with Development on RDi.

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Finally, we need to update the main function to send the message data to the GPT model, and update the input with the last 4 messages sent between the client and the model. In this section, we will build the chat server using FastAPI to communicate with the user. We will use WebSockets to ensure bi-directional communication between the client and server so that we can send responses to the user in real-time. To set up the project structure, create a folder namedfullstack-ai-chatbot. Then create two folders within the project called client and server.

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We have the clean_up_sentence() function which cleans up any sentences that are inputted. We’re creating a giant nested list which contains bags of words for each of our documents. We have a feature called output_row which simply acts as a key for the list.


Beyond learning from your automated training, the chatbot will improve over time as it gets more exposure to questions and replies from user interactions. With this Machine Learning Project, we will be building an AI-based chatbot. A chatbot is an AI system that gives answers to queries of the user. A chatbot is used by a lot of big businesses to autoreply and solves the issues of the customer. A chatbot needs to be pre-trained before giving the result of the user’s query. This is a pretty simple example of a custom chatbot in Python.

Overview of Benefits of Developing an AI Chatbot in Python

Enroll and complete all the modules in the course, along with the quiz at the end, to gain a free certificate. This is just a basic example of a chatbot, and there are metadialog.com many ways to improve it. As we mentioned above, you can create a smart chatbot using natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


With the increasing demand for AI in various industries, Python’s dominance in the AI field is likely to continue in the future. This is a basic example of how to create a chatbot using Python and the ChatterBot library. You can also use other libraries such as NLTK, spaCy, and TensorFlow, and use machine learning to train your chatbot, to make it more complex and efficient. Once the chatbot is trained, you can create a function that will generate a response to a user’s input. You can use the get_response method of the ChatBot class to generate a response.

Step 3 : Create new flask app

Your chatbot has increased its range of responses based on the training data that you fed to it. As you might notice when you interact with your chatbot, the responses don’t always make a lot of sense. You refactor your code by moving the function calls from the name-main idiom into a dedicated function, clean_corpus(), that you define toward the top of the file. In line 6, you replace \”chat.txt\” with the parameter chat_export_file to make it more general. The clean_corpus() function returns the cleaned corpus, which you can use to train your chatbot. ChatterBot uses complete lines as messages when a chatbot replies to a user message.